Full Mouth Reconstruction & Dental Implants

Dental implants can play a significant role in full mouth reconstruction because they can replace missing teeth, which is not possible through other methods of dentistry. For those patients who do not have back molar teeth, the dental implant can replace these teeth quickly with the help of the best dentistry. Implants are getting more and more sophisticated and require a dentist who has total focus on placing the implants in the right locations and with the right angles for a full mouth reconstruction.

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The transformation of the face can be remarkable as this patient’s after photo was taken years after the full mouth reconstruction was completed.  Look at how much more impressive of a man he appears to be with a high tech bite reconstruction that has been trouble free for many years.  All photos in this website are the work of Dr. Muslin and all photos are untouched and unaltered.  High tech Face Lift Dentistry®can save the face from premature aging for patients in their 30’s and 40’s and reverse years of aging for more mature patients. 

The possibilities with dental implants are endless because they allow the complete replacement of every missing tooth. Replacing missing teeth is a key component of a full mouth reconstruction. Dental implants with crowns can be expensive. Additionally, the patient needs the correct jawbone structure for the implant to be correctly placed in the mouth. To make the results less expensive, porcelain bridges can also replace lost teeth using only half of the dental implants needed for a full mouth replacement. Less money is required if the patient gets full upper and lower dentures. Dentures require only a couple of dental implants with snap attachments to make the dentures more stable in the mouth.

Bone Grafting

The full mouth dental implant reconstruction has limitless possibilities if the patient has enough of his/her jawbone to hold the implants in place. If there is not enough of the jawbone available, then bone grafting is necessary. Grafting is only possible when the patient is healthy and has healthy jawbone tissue. There are various surgical techniques to get additional jawbone with a bone graft in order to add dental implants to the treatment plan. Sometimes the patient’s bone can be added and other times artificial bone can be added. Sometimes both the patient’s bone and artificial bone are utilized to build up enough of the jawbone for dental implants to be placed in the mouth.

Face Lift Dentistry ® Reverses Aging and Improves Health

A patient can have his or her entire face permanently lengthened through being treated with the latest in bite reconstruction dentistry. Male patients can have a chiseled jaw and female patients can have a smoother neckline through non-surgical dental treatment. If the teeth are healthy, it is not necessary to grind them down prior to dental treatment. Because of tooth clenching and natural wear and tear, most patients do not have the best bite for their face by the time they are 50 years of age.

Idealizing Your Face and Facial Profile

This change in bite happens gradually through the years and usually goes unnoticed. This treatment is designed to give the patient the bite and especially the jaw position that goes beyond anything they had during their lives. It is designed to idealize the patients face and facial profile. The shape of the patients face is directly related to the jaw position of the patient. By optimizing the jaw position, the chin can look larger and the profile can be improved without surgery.

Through the use of bite reconstruction technologies, Dr. Muslin’s exclusive no grinding VENLAY ® restorations save the patient’s natural tooth structure. Age reversing years can be removed from a face, maximum health can be achieved and a comfortable TMJ position can be developed. Working on the three-dimensional position of the lower jaw through Face Lift Dentistry ® improves the patient’s facial profile, chin position and bite in as little as one week.

Jaw Position or Bite

Dr. Sam Muslin’s high tech Face Lift Dentistry ® treatment can save the face from premature aging for his younger patients and reverse years of aging from the faces of his older patients by improving their jaw position. Again, no surgery is required to three dimensionally reposition the jaw because the goal is to allow it to reposition to the most ideal position without interference. This procedure requires the use of a special ultra low radiation tomography to visibly see the jaw position before and after treatment. If the dentist just does anti-aging dentistry, the patient may have better looking teeth but the jaw and the shape of the patient’s face is in the same. Cosmetic Dentistry is Not Face Lift Dentistry®

Testing the actual jaw position is the best method for predictable full mouth reconstruction and bite correction dentistry. Smile enhancement cosmetic dentistry is not the same as Face Lift Dentistry ® treatment, therefore it is important not to confuse these two dramatically different levels of dentistry. Face Lift Dentistry ® has a cosmetic dentistry component; however, it is also highly beneficial to the health and overall comfort of the patient.

Porcelain Veneers Cannot Correct Bites

This patient’s before pictures show a collapsing bite, tooth loss and advanced gum disease. Gum disease is commonly part of a collapsing bite because the loss of jawbone, loss of teeth and bite wear all occur simultaneously and place extra stress on the gums. The after photo was taken a couple of years after treatment was completed. Just keep in mind that porcelain veneers are cosmetic dentistry with very little anti-aging benefit. They are primarily just cosmetic and do not provide a healthy benefit. In fact, if the dentist grinds down your healthy teeth for porcelain veneers, it is probably bad for your healthy long term.

The Image You Project

The patient has a little more gray hair but is significantly healthier as a result of his dental care because he now has full facial support from his teeth. Most patients do not realize the message they are sending to everyone they meet when their teeth are in bad shape or are short and yellow. The perception of the patient after receiving this age reversing dentistry is clearly that of a man or a woman who has it together.

Reversing the “Old” Look

It is interesting to see how many women and men have had face lifts, Botox®, facial fillers, nose jobs and chin implants that can make them look a little strange. The real problem with the aging face is the loss of physical tooth support for it. Facial support is the key to preventing premature aging and the “old person” look.

Successful men have some of the most unappealing teeth, bad bites, deep overbites, cross bites, crooked teeth, stained teeth, bad porcelain crowns and bad porcelain veneers. Their health and physical appearance suffer even though they are not necessarily in any measurable pain. The secret to Face Lift Dentistry® is to replace all of a patient’s old dentistry with new, perfectly matching dentistry in one sitting. Dr. Muslin’s treatment can take as little as one week and the results are phenomenal.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants replace missing teeth and this patient needed one implant to complete his care. A dental bridge was not an option for him because his missing tooth was the last tooth in his arch. The patient was able to have a full compliment of teeth and a balanced bite with the surgical placement of only one implant. Dr. Muslin completed the procedure in less than one hour, using local anesthetic while the patient comfortably watched TV. There was no postoperative pain as the patient went back to work the next day. No pain medication was necessary.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Patients have driven from Beverly Hills, all over the country and internationally to get the level of care provided by Dr. Sam Muslin. Placing porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns on the teeth are not enough, these patients want the complete coordination of all porcelain restorations combined with the ultimate in cosmetic dentistry and functional bite reconstruction dentistry.

The idea is to replace all of the old dentistry without harming the integrity of the healthy teeth. Most dentists in the United States and the world will unnecessarily want to grind down healthy teeth to place porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns. Full mouth reconstruction using VENLAY ® restorations is only available with Face Lift Dentistry ® treatment that has been developed by Sam Muslin, DDS.

The coordination of bite reconstruction with correct TMJ function provided this patient with the ultimate level of dental health care. Cosmetic dentistry generally is not beneficial to the patient’s health. In fact, cosmetic dentistry can be very harmful to the long-term health of the patient because, in most cases, healthy teeth are going to be damaged for the application of porcelain crowns. See Whit's Bite Reconstruction for more information.

TMJ - Neuromuscular Dentistry

The TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint is the jaw joint that must work with the bite harmoniously. When the bite and the TMJ are coordinated, they function smoothly and painlessly. The theory of neuromuscular dentistry has evolved to enable dental professionals to find the ideal jaw position for their patients.

The idea behind neuromuscular dentistry is to rely on electronic interpretation of the TMJ or jaw joint relationships or some other method of trying to find the ideal jaw position for the patient. The dentist using computerized electronic interpretations of the sensors placed on the patient's head is relying on his/her accuracy to make a critical decision about the health of the patient. There are other methods of care that may be more reliable and predictable than electronic based neuromuscular dentistry.

It is all about the ability of the dentist and your ability to see the actual before and after photos of their full mouth reconstruction results. This is the reason that Dr. Muslin has such a large before and after photo gallery of his porcelain veneers, cosmetic dentistry, bite correction dentistry, full mouth reconstruction results and his exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® treatment.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can make you sick. It is an active infection of the gums and jaw bone that surrounds the teeth. Gum Disease is also called periodontal (Latin for around the tooth) disease. Gum disease can be controlled and cured non-surgically with proprietary sonic scaling and Dr. Muslin’s home care system.

His home care system works incredibly well to knock out the gum disease and the gum infection without surgery. Combined with scaling and root planning, the results on his patients are clearly displayed in his before and after photos as every single patient has achieved maximum health. They no longer have gum disease and no longer have bad bites.

This patient had his gum infection completely cured and is now healthy and happy. No gum bleeding, swelling, no periodontal pockets or gum disease. Dr. Muslin sincerely thanks this patient for allowing him to publish his before and after photos. All of the photos on this web site are of Dr. Muslin’s actual patients and he has completed all of the treatment personally.

Face Lift Dentistry®, the Ultimate Full Mouth Reconstruction

The ultimate full mouth reconstruction means absolutely no infection, complete bite correction, biologically compatible restorations, clear speech, lip and face support, ideal three dimensional jaw positioning and the prevention of premature aging. These results are possible with meticulous care from one of the county’s most experienced and talented dentists.

The best possible health from every dimension must be addressed to have healthy gums, a comfortable bite, ideal cosmetic appearance and an anti-aging benefit. These patients look younger, feel younger and actually are younger because of the big health benefits of this level of dental care. Because of Dr. Sam Muslin’s extensive experience and highly predictable results, people fly in from all over the United States and the world to receive his dental treatment.

For those patients who are interested in the ultimate level of health, cosmetic enhancement and TMJ function, contact Dr. Sam Muslin’s Office today for an appointment at (310) 892 6391.

Page Update: Jul 21, 2014